September 24, 2017

Miles: 10

PNT mile 1189

Camp: Toleak Point – Olympic National Park Wilderness Coast

We all woke up to sandy, wet tents, but were well rested due to needing to wait for low tide. We couldn’t pass the point until the tide was below 3′ and that wasn’t until 9am. That’s an excuse to sleep in on trail if I ever heard one. We slept until 8am and got through it all safely.

Though tides were low enough for safe passage, the walk was not that safe. We had to walk on slick rocks the size of bowling balls never too sure of your footing. Some rocks were more conglomerate, making the surface rougher; a sure thing for good traction. The smoother ones were not to be trusted, especially if there were coats of algae on the surface.

Once safely across the rock obstacle, we met our first set of ropes and ladders. These are in place on the sides of the beach to assist one up or down the cliffside to or from an overland trail. These trails are in place to avoid beaches with no safe passage or to cross a headland jutting out to sea. They are rather tricky, marvelously muddy, exotically beautiful and full of adventure! It’s kind of fun to use ropes to go up and down to the beach, alternating between the inland or the shore. It feels good to be muddy and salty, exploring the tide line for treasure from the sea. This is a wild coast after all. A special and beautiful place indeed. I want to come back here and spend a lot of days just enjoying the raw, rugged coastline. This is amazing!

We are now camped with Gerry in the trees by the shore. We can hear the waves crashing and it is warmer tonight…hopefully less condensation. We had the luxury of eating more fresh chanterelles with dinner and are cozy by the sea. Tomorrow is more coastal fun…I love this so far!