AKA The Cheeseburger Fund

I by no means expect anyone to part with their hard earned dollars on my account – but as there have been inquiries I will not turn down assistance (and will likely worship your selflessness as I make purchases with those dollars). If you are feeling that kind of generous you can send me money via PayPal:

Money donated will go towards (but may not be limited to):
-New Shoes
-New Socks (because the trail apparently has an appetite for stinky hiker socks)
-Any emergency replacement gear (gear fails. Enough said.)
-CHEESEBURGERS! (Yeah, I plan to gorge myself on Cheeseburgers when possible … and also lose weight, because it’s thru-hiking and I can eat whatever I want!)
-Hotels/hostels/accommodations of sorts (because sometimes one deserves a soft bed and a hot shower after hiking 20+ mile days)
-Anything else you see fit!

Also, THANK YOU so much for even considering sharing your dollars with me. I will do something nice for you in return, and/or pay it forward! XOXO