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Pre-PCT Ponderings:

Over the Moon


Gear Shopping and Ambassadorship

20 Day Countdown

Pre-hike Stress isn’t About Hiking

Day 0: San Diego

On The Trail:

Day 1: 20 Miles Out of the Gate

Day 2: Wind

Day 3: New Friends and the Same Old Wind

Day 4: Did I Mention the Wind?

Day 5: Trail Angels Abound

Day 6: Night Hiking and Cowboy Camping

Day 7: Hitting 100 Miles

Day 8: Then I was One

Day 9: A Different Kind of Wind

Day 10: Cheeseburger in Paradise

Day 11: Idleness is Blissfulness

Day 12: Climbing Mountains

Day 13: Back to the Desert

Day 14: An Unexpected Nearo

Day 15: Water, Water Everywhere

Day 16: Record Breaker

Day 17: Big Love for Big Bear

Day 18: Resisting the Zero

Day 19: Big Miles and Big Smiles

Day 20: Bad Night Better Day

Day 21: Shamefully Unashamed

Day 22: Up, Up and Away

Day 23: A Zero in Wrightwood

Day 24: Clouds, Wind and Mountaintops

Day 25: Not So Happy Clouds

Day 26: Poodle Dog Ballet

Day 27: Dancing With The Devil

Day 28: Ten Miles to Heaven

Day 29: All Aboard the Restoration Express

Day 30: Where Are Our Magic Feet?

Day 31: The Anderson’s and Night Hiking

Day 32: Hikertown and the LA Aqueduct

Day 33: Vitamin I Makes Me Fly

Day 34: Blisters 101

Day 35-36: Urgent Care and Counting Blessings 

Day 37: Home Sweet Trail

Day 38: It’s All About the Water

Day 39: When Isn’t It Snack Time?

Day 40: Rites of Passage*

Day 41: Going With the Flow

Day 42: Hot is an Understatement

Day 43: Kennedy Meadows*

Day 44: Humbling Myself

Day 45-46: Kennedy Meadows to Bishop and Back Again

Day 47: I’m on the PCT…again!

Day 48: Have I Died and Gone To Heaven?

Day 49: Reaching New Heights

Day 50: Taking it Easy

Day 51: Today Was Just…Wow!

Day 52: Back to Bishop

Day 53: Zero Day

Day 54: Making Passes

Day 55: It Ain’t Easy Making Passes

Day 56: Looking Glass Lakes, Boulder Fields and Butterflies

Day 57: Wonderland

Day 58: A Brush with Greatness

Day 59: Mosquito Country

Day 60: Give Me a Motive and I’ll Give you a Nearo

Day 61: No More Pancakes Before Hiking

Day 62: Nearly a Nearo

Day 63: Wildflowers, Flies and the 1,000 Island Lake

Day 64: Yosemite Magic

Day 65: Yosemite Valley

Day 66: A New Team is Born

Day 67: Haikus and Hat Tricks

Day 68: Oh, So That’s How Bad Mosquitoes Can Be…

Day 69: It’s Been a Grand Grand

Day 70: Bridgeport

Day 71: Almost Stormy

Day 72: Team Sleepy

Day 73: Blue Skies

Day 74: Trail Magic Double Down

Day 75: Tahoe or Bust

Day 76: Road Trip!

Day 77: The World is a Cup…Or Possibly a Stein of Beer

Day 78: A Storm’s A’comin’

Day 79: Beyond Wild

Day 80: Dry Day

Day 81: Letting It Go

Day 82: Sometimes the Wind can Make Your Day

Day 83: Sierra City

Day 84: Ice Cream Social

Day 85: I Needed a Shower

Day 86: It’s Raining Caterpillars

Day 87: I Do Love Caffeine

Day 88: Belden is All the Rave

Day 89: Oh, Deer.

Day 90: Living On A Prayer (aka Halfway There!)

Day 91: Aches and Pains

Day 92: Hot Stuff

Day 93-96: Halfway Limbo

Day 97: Moving Forward

Day 98: Smoke and Mirrors

Day 99: Etna

Day 100: Century Mark

Day 101: Another Healing Zero in Etna

Day 102: Seiad Valley

Day 103: Back in Action

Day 104: Oregon

Day 105: Ashland

Day 106: Resupply Oregon and Other Adventures

Day 107: Not Much To See Here

Day 108: New Shoes

Day 109: Getting Back Into It

Day 110: Lava Fields

Day 111: Feelin’ Good

Day 112: Mazama Village

Day 113: Crater Lake

Day 114: I do, Maidu

Day 115: Feels Like Home

Day 116: Shelter Cove and The Resupply of Dreams

Day 117: It Pays to Relax

Day 118: Huckleberry Heaven and a Night on the “Town”

Day 119: Low Miles, Big Views

Day 120: Lava Fields That Don’t Quit

Day 121: Trail Reunion

Day 122: Almost Swept Away

Day 123: The Big 3-0!

Day 124: Timothy Lake

Day 125: Camping in the Rain

Day 126: Finally, Some Aqua Blazing

Day 127: Timberline

Day 128: Eagle Creek

Day 129: 2 States Down

Day 130: A Hometown Zero

Day 131-132: PCT Trail Daze

Day 133: Washington

Day 134: Elevation Change

Day 135: Is It Fall Already?

Day 136: Senses Wide Open

Day 137: Loving Life, Loving Washington

Day 138: Dizzy

Day 139: On A Knife’s Edge

Day 140: White Pass

Day 141: Lunchtime Surprise!

Day 142: Pie Indeed

Day 143: Pushing 30

Day 144: Snoqualmie Pass

Day 145: Destination, Hot Springs

Day 146: Leaving Paradise

Day 147: Into the Night

Day 148: Dinsmore’s Hiker Haven

Day 149-151: An Unexpected Detour

Day 152: The Final Stretch

Day 153: It Isn’t Getting Any Drier

Day 154: Thaw Time

Day 155: It All Comes Down To This