Hike Began at Crazy Cook monument in New Mexico: April 19, 2016
Finished at Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada: September 28, 2016
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Daily Blog Entries From Trail: (work in progress)

Day 0: Something Sweet About New Mexico

Day 1: It All Starts With A Crazy Cook

Day 2: Where’s Waldo

Day 3: Go Your Own Way

Day 4: Miles From Nowhere

Day 5: The Desert Is Alive

Day 6: An Early Zero

Day 7: Water With Cows

Day 8: We Aren’t In the Desert Anymore (But We Are)

Day 9: In The Pines

Day 10: A Trip Into Town

Day 11: Gila Bound

Day 12: Water Walkers

Day 13: This Might Be Heaven

Day 14: The Gila Will Steal-a Your Heart

Day 15: Crossing Rivers

Day 16: Goodbye Sweet Gila

Day 17: Tender Feet

Day 18: On The Road Again

Day 19: Road Feet Are Sore Feet

Days 20-21: A Town Named Pie

Day 22: Zero Motivation

Day 23: Playing With Fire

Day 24: Hot Lava

Day 25: Ready For Rest

Days 26-27: Double Zero

Day 28: High On New Mexico

Day 29: I Wish Thunder Rolls Were Food

Day 30: Mud Shoes

Day 31: A-Mesa-Zing

Day 32: Hiking My Own Hike

Day 33: We All Have to Go To Town Sometime

Day 34: Swamp Shoes

Day 35: Moving Along

Day 36: Ghost Ranch

Day 37: Zero Day

Day 38: Stormy

Day 39: Dancing With Snowmelt

Day 40: Smooth Sailing

Day 41: I Digress

Day 42-44: Getting Snow Ready

Day 45: Slush Shoeing Anyone?

Day 46: Snow Days Have Begun

Day 47: Driven By Adrenaline

Day 48: The Hard is What Makes it Great

Day 49: I Owe My Life to an Ice Axe Named Jerry

Day 50-51: A Break From Postholing

Day 52: Keep My Head In The Game

Day 53: It Is Snow Hot

Day 54: Altitude Adjustment

Day 55: The Knife Edge

Day 56: Wacky Weather

Day 57: The Window

Day 58: In Footprints I Trust

59: Ten After One

Day 60: Farewell SanJuans

Day 61: From Snow To Snow Melt

Day 62: Flying With My Own Wings

Day 63: Me, The Marmot and a Herd of Elk

Day 64: Summer Is Here

Day 65:Gods Worst Invention

Day 66-67: Salida Bound

Day 68: Keep On Moving

Day 69: West Collegiates

Day 70: I Miss You Jerry

Day 71: Surrounded By Giants

Day 72:Rocky Mountain High

Day 73: Solitude

Day 74: In The Clouds

Day 75: Dry Me Out

Day 76: Holiday Weekend

Day 77: Hot And Cold

Day 78: Summit Fever

Day 79: That’s Some Windy Wind

Day 80: Memory Lane

Day 81:

Day 82:A Lotta Lakes

Day 83: A Clearly Defined Path

Day 84-85: A Grand Zero

Day 86: Life Happens

Day 87-91: Restful Times

Day 92: Back To Reality

Day 93: The Trail Provides

Day 94: The Zirkels

Day 95: My Last Day In Colorado

Day 96: WY Hello

Day 98: Back To The Desert

Dy 99: Go Home Norton

Day 100: Send In the Chacos

Day 101-102: A Reluctant Zero

Day 103: Cattle Country

Day 104: Sure Tastes Like Cattle Country

Day 105: Wild Horses

Day 106: New Shoes Day

Day 107: Winds Of Change

Day 108: Friends

Day 109:The Winds Keep Getting Better

Day 110-111: Catching Up

Day 112: Knapsack Col

Day 113: So Tired

Day 114: Forest Creature 2: Dust Bunny 0

Day 115: Decompress

Day 116: The Bears

Day 117: No Camping

Day 118: Not A Yellow Stone To Be Found

Day 119: Firewater

Day 120: Old Faithful

Day 121: The Slow Road

Day 122: The Blog That Was

Day 123: Idaho/Montana Waltz

Day 124: Busted Shovel

Day 125-126: More Cows

Day 127: Winter Is Coming

Day 128: Back On High

Day 129-130: The Vortex Of Magic 

Day 131: Back To The Hills

Day 132: Nonstop

Day 133: Best Of Both Worlds

Day 134: Flying Solo

Day 135:

Day 136: Lazy Hikers

Day 137: Walking For Warmth

Day 138: It Snowed, It Rained, The Sun Never Came

Day 139: The Storm

Day 140-141: Bad Knee

Day 142-147: On My Knees

Day 148: Perfectly Imperfect

Day 149: Lincoln

Day 150: Get Outta Town

Day 151: The Day That Got Away

Day 152: Squeaky Trees

Day 153: Big Wall

Day 154: All Of The Switchbacks

Day 155: The One About A Dead Horse

Day 156: Sometimes The Aspen Shine Brighter Than The Sun

Day 157: Old Friends

Day 158: The Beginning Of The End

Day 159: I’ll Pass On The Snow

Day 160: Relaxed

Day 161:  15 Miles For The Win

Day 162: I Can See Canada From My Tent!

Day 163: Canada!

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