September 9, 2017

Miles: 15

Camp: The Happy House (a trail angel) in Coupeville, WA

It was a little cool this morning when we all woke up. The air was wet with the rain that was due without actually raining and the wind was bringing on a chill. We decided to walk over to a picnic area about 1/2 mile away to have breakfast, simply to get the blood flowing! It never warmed up though as we sat through our oatmeal. The rain started just as we were finishing up, so we had nothing left to do but hike on.

The trail followed along the western coast of Whidbey Island, walking along beaches all morning. Though it was a rainy day, the smell and feel of the ocean in the air was magical. I couldn’t stop treasure hunting for agates, jasper and sea glass – which were abundant! Clearly, I couldn’t collect them all, but the fun of the discovery was worth it. I did end up taking a collection of sea glass knowing I could ship it all home from the next town where we would be arriving tonight.

The coast was full of all kinds of neat stuff to find and explore. It’s amazing we made any progress today! We found ourselves climbing in and around driftwood forts before we had to hit the road. Good old fashioned PNT road walking!


Once on the road, it was harder to enjoy the day. The beach was flat, soft and beautiful – but the road was hard and the rain just seemed more of a nuisance. We walked it anyway, as we have skipped some of the roads and this one is really not that long in comparison. I just want to walk now, especially after all of that time in between town stops. This part of the hike takes us back to the wilderness … well, after a town stop, a ferry ride and yet another town stop. One day they will finish the PNT and we won’t have to walk all of these roads. Everything is a work in progress!

We walked the roads around an air force base where giant planes would zoom overhead making the most terrifying noises! I can’t imagine living close to here, it was unsettling and felt like we were under attack every time one whizzed by. Yet another reason to love the road, right?

Once around the air force base, it was back to the beach. We walked the shore some more until we climbed up to a bluff at a state park. It was pretty cool up there, with an old weapons arsenal built into the bluff that you could go explore. It was a long concrete “fort” with many small rooms, that are now empty of course. I didn’t seem to take a photo of it, but it was pretty cool!

From there, we found our way into Coupeville where we ate fish and chips before getting a ride to our stop for the night, “The Happy House.”

The Happy House is the home of two trail angels, Rebecca and John. Not only do they host hikers, but they had separate bedrooms to offer! It is better than any hotel! We spent some time talking with our host about the season and what is to come, but now we will rest up and get to planning the next leg of our journey for tomorrow. We have about 5 miles to walk to get to the ferry and then we will spend a day in Port Townsend getting our permits in order for the Olympics! I’m really excited for that part! Get me back in the mountains!!!