September 4-5, 2017

Miles: 0

We woke up soaking wet on the rivers edge. Condensation drowned everything in sight, even the sunrise seemed covered in dew. Maybe that was the fogginess of a late night with beers and mayors and new friends, but the dew was real.

Packing away our soaked belongings seemed odd as our friends put away a weekends worth of car camping. We were headed to town after all, and it seemed we had just left. At least we would walk there.

Jet Fighter, Caveman, Tickled Pink and I strolled the bike path between the towns of Lyman and Sedro Woolley. Though our packs were light, our feet and minds were searching for mountains, for trail. It felt strange.

We arrived in town, ate breakfast, did laundry and waited in a park for answers. Where could we sleep? Why are we still in town? When do we hike again? Are you gonna eat that?

Eventually Pano and Xana showed up on their way to Bellingham and saved us. They are our very good friends from another life and they were ready to hang out with our stinky hiker selves for a couple of days…so whisked away to Bellingham we were.

There was a vortex of non trail things in town. Mostly a crazy trip down memory lane for me…I did a semester of college here in 1999!! We also did the things we do in town and enjoyed the delightful company of our friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to zero down with and they breathed new life into our hike. Incidentally, they hiked the PNT last year and they are awesome. Big hugs to Xanorama from Dust and Pink! XOXO 

As is the norm with good times, they had to end as we embarked on a different kind of good times (not always the norm). There will be a couple more frequent towns before we get back to the mountains…but we are embracing it as part of the journey. Without town we lack the experience that draws us into the essence of these towns that dot the Pacific Northwest. These tiny towns that really don’t want to get bigger, they are happy where they are. I’m falling deeply in love with western Washington. Deeply.

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