August 18-19, 2017

Miles: 7.5

PNT mile 710.5

Camp: Springside on our way to the Pasayten in the Okanogan hills.

Well, we ended up taking that zero yesterday. There was too much to do in order to make sure we were ready to conquer this upcoming section. It is 153 miles and should take 9 days, but we started talking about skipping the roadwalk to the trail and bringing those miles down. We both want to walk all of the miles but neither of us sees a point to spending so much time just walking on roads. 

So when our friends Veggie and Karma said they were in the area, we accepted a ride that took us up the 25 mile road walk. We could cut down to 7 days of food and only miss walking on roads. The decision felt good. We are finally going to cut to the chase and see some mountains! I’m so ready for the wilderness experience the Pasayten promises. We have a stop at a lake resort where they brought our packages in by boat and then we hike 3 more days to the next town. It will take 10 days total.

This morning came and went quick as we spent time with Thumbelina. We probably won’t see her for a while because she is staying in town 1 more day. We plan to take our time in this section and then ramp it up until the Olympics. There is some pretty easy tread in between and lots of fun towns to visit. We will not want to be rushed when we reach the Olympics so we have to get there with enough time before snow falls.

We said goodbye to our friend Thumbelina and hit the road with Veggie and Karma. We will miss her and hope we catch up later on down the trail. 

Veggie and Karma then drove us the long miles we were happy to not be walking. We still had to roadwalk for 9 miles, but it wasn’t paved. Before all of that we hung out with them for a while and they made us quesadillas. Karma and I met on the PCT in 2014 and Pink met Veggie on the PCT in 2012. Now we were all sitting by the side of the road outside of Oroville, Washington eating quesadillas and drinking beer in 2017. What a fun world we live in out here. 

The trail magic and visit with our friends made it hard to hike on, but it was time to go. We hoisted our 7 day resupply packs and immediately felt the extra weight. The road started climbing right away for the 5000′ of gain in the next 8.9 miles. The day was hot and we were sweating big droplets of sweat. It was also steep and our packs felt like 100lbs. It was a lot of work and it felt good.

We made it most of the way up the climb to a spring where we are camped. It will be an early day tomorrow so that’s it for today…it’s bedtime.

Buenos Noches!