August 17, 2017

Miles: 6

PNT mile 579

Camp: Camaray Motel, Oroville, WA

The walking today was a short 2 miles of trail followed by 2.6 miles on the highway. The trail was nice, cool and more gently graded than we expected. The highway was paved and full of fast cars and trucks. We couldn’t hitchhike if we tried, so we saved our own time and just hoofed it. It wasn’t terrible and before we knew it, we were booking a room in town.

We went to breakfast, picked up our resupply boxes, watched television, swam in the pool and rode bikes. It was a full day, but we are still a bit behind on chores. I managed to stitch up some holes in my pack and give it a bath in the hotel tub too. After 2300 miles of hiking with this pack I feel as if it has come a long way and is holding up as well as can be expected. There has certainly been some abuse…

Anyhow, it has been relaxing. I’m not sure if we will zero or not, but the rest will be good for our bodies and spirits. Good things are on the horizon with the Pasayten, North Cascades and Olympics on the menu.

I’ll go to sleep dreaming of that and a belly full of chicken parmesan. Life is good.