August 13, 2017

Miles: 12

PNT mile 495.4

Camp: Near a small spring on FR 500 

The fact that we stayed up late with our host family coupled with the rain that fell overnight were good cause for sleeping in today. We meant to get up early, but it was one of the coolest temp nights anyone has had in a while. When I got up to pee at 8am, no one else was stirring yet, everyone still snug in bed. I had some time to enjoy a quiet house as everyone slept a little longer…wishing I was better at sleeping in.

Artie and Mike made some breakfast (again) and we all ate in the cool of the morning. I cannot get over the generosity that they have continued to display. They are such cool people!

After breakfast, Pink and I still had to sort through our resupply and pack up. We split our bountiful supply of delicious food and once again loaded up our packs with the fresh load. It’s amazing how full my pack is when leaving town, how heavy it is those first miles we march back into the woods. It feels good to have enough to eat though. We are doing well there.

When all 3 of us were finally packed and ready, Artie and Mike drove us back to the trailhead. As we were leaving their house though, I realized that I didn’t have my sunglasses. It was an overcast morning so I hadn’t needed them and suddenly I couldn’t remember when I last had them. We went back to the house and came up empty handed, drove all out of the way to check Haley’s car and even swung by the brewery where we were last night. All stops produced the same result…no glasses.

Thumbelina had an old pair because she replaced hers in town so she gave them to me for now. They are pretty scratched and blurry, but better than nothing. The McRae’s certainly went above and beyond to help me find them and I’m ever grateful for their patience. They are so cool.

They dropped us off around 1:00 and the 3 of us started the climb out of ten mile campground. It was steep, but it wasn’t long so it didn’t take a lot of time. The weather has turned for the better, especially on this much cooler, overcast and seemingly smokeless day.  It made for very pleasant hiking and we all felt a bit better as we sat for lunch. During lunch I actually found my sunglasses…which were in a very unlikely place. I didn’t remember putting them in my purse/stuffsack…nor do I ever do that, but I did for some reason last night. They were stuffed away and safe, unbeknownst to me! I felt pretty bad and silly over it, but I’m real happy to have my shades again. 

After lunch was all a dirt road walk so Pink and I listened to a podcast called, “The Trail Show.” It’s a group of thru hikers talking about hiking related stuff, but they have a lot of fun and they make us laugh. It kills a little time on roadwalks, making the miles melt a bit faster. 

We took a short detour to a campground for dinner. There was running water, picnic tables and trash cans. It was luxury living for at least the dinner hour when Pink and I decided to try and get a few more miles. We have been taking our time and it is nice, but we agree it is time to pick up our pace a little. Thumbelina stayed at the campground, so we aren’t sure when our paths will cross again, but we imagine soon.
We made a good amount of miles today for a later start and it was a lot less effort than it has been lately. The clearer and cooler day made all of the difference in the world and I pray for more just like it. It’s going to be a great night of sleep in the fresher air. I look forward to being rested and attempting 25 miles tomorrow. I think we can do it.

Until then. Goodnight.