August 11-12, 2017

Miles: 12

PNT mile 486.4

Camp: With the McRae family in Republic, WA 

Because of the nature of things being rather hectic this last town stop, I didn’t write a thing! Here is a summary of the missing days:

We hiked 12 miles to Thirteenmile TH in good time. The day was as hot and smoky as we have become accustomed to, but we got to hike on trail all day, so that’s a plus. We also ran into a couple who is hiking the trail eastbound. It was fun to stop and chat for a while, but they understood that we were town bound when we saw them. I wish we had more time Cantelope and Honeydew!

When we arrived at the road, we began hitchhiking. There was very little traffic on the winding mountain road and it would be 10 miles to town if we had to walk. Pink has a hitchhiking dance he does to get the attention of drivers though and the third car to pass stopped for us, claiming it was the dance that won us the ride. Whatever works!

She dropped us off at the post office where the local trail angel is said to work. Indeed she does and we were immediately cared for in the town of Republic. We grabbed our packages (we had a LOT in Republic) and two local men offered to give us a ride to the McRae’s (the trail angels house). We were welcomed into their home and set up in a basement bedroom. The basement was actually nice and cool in the hot temperatures and the accommodations were excellent. It felt just like being at home, with full access to anything we needed (kitchen, laundry, showers, yard, pets, etc)

Analeise was there and now has the trail name, “Thumbelina.” I called her this because she manages to always get a ride but she never hitchhikes. It’s like she has a magic thumb!

Anyhow, the three of us hikers were welcomed into the hearts and home of a truly special family. We were instantly included in their lives as we lazily went about chores, even access to one of their cars so we could get things done! It was really just the right thing to build morale at this point of the trail, when everything is hot, smoky and there is so much roadwalking! I, for one have been struggling with all of this lately. Motivation is low.

We even took a zero because it was impossible to walk away from the awesomeness! 

I can’t express enough gratitude to the McRaes who really did everything to make us feel at home. They are a shining example of genuine kindness and we had so, so much fun with them! 

To top it all off we also received some amazing packages from friends and family. I feel ridiculously spoiled and am so happy to have so many blessings to count. Us worn out and stinky hikers sure appreciate the love! Extra special thanks to Elaine, Dan and Pink’s mom!

That’s enough words…here are pictures.