August 5, 2017

Miles: 0

PNT mile 389

Camp: Matteson B&B, Northport, WA 

As you can probably imagine, I was beyond excited to wake up to breakfast already cooking in the kitchen. Coffee was brewed and we all gathered round the table for pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon. The food was really good, as home cooking tends to be. The special ingredient is there too, since Bert is a Grandma and knows to stir in that extra love. You could taste it in the meal…not to mention eggs from her backyard chickens. Is this hiker heaven?

After breakfast Bert did our laundry as we set about our town chores. We were efficient enough that I even got to squeeze in an Epsom salt bath in the middle of the day. Then we ate salads and had milkshakes before going through our boxes we sent ourselves  from home. We have lots of good food for this section, perhaps more than we need…but that helps keep us from hurrying. 

Since Bert had guests visiting, she invited us to join them for dinner. All three of us hikers lit up in absolute childlike delight when we sat down to what was essentially a Thanksgiving feast. I have always said that would be the perfect trail meal, but I have never obtained anything close until today. We had roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, cranberry sauce, homemade pickled beets and homegrown tomatoes…all followed by a deliciously fluffy cherry cheesecake. These hikers are feeling full, happy and spoiled. 

Now we plan to relax the night away. Life is good.