August 3, 2017

Miles: 18

PNT mile 370.6

Camp: Silver Creek dispersed camping

We had kind of a record morning for us today by getting on trail by 6:45am. It felt good to be moving early, and with a 10 mile climb we wanted to have it done before the day grew too hot. It stays cool for a while, but with the fires it turns into an oven by midday. It’s still really smoky which I think triggers allergies for me, sneezing and sniffling down the trail most of the day.

We climbed up Abercrombie Mountain in the smoke and haze, over 5000 feet to get robbed of the view. The mountains were cloaked in smoke.

We ate lunch on a saddle and began the descent. It didn’t take long before we stumbled upon a small primitive campground. We decided to cook dinner at one of the picnic tables and soon we decided to stop for the night. We were tired and don’t need to make any more progress to meet our goal of getting to Northport on Saturday morning. We could push harder and get there tomorrow night, but this way we get to be on trail longer. 

After wandering the campground we found Analeise camped on a picnic table in one of the sites. We joined her (by setting up our tents nearby) and are happy to be calling it a night. We aren’t in a hurry and that feels pretty good.

I can barely keep my eyes open.