August 2, 2017

Miles: 5

PNT mile 352

Camp: Flume Creek, Washington 

Waking up was extra exciting this morning because we got to go to a cafe for breakfast. I had a big pancake, 2 eggs, 4 sausage links, hashbrowns and a side of gravy. It is the meal I dream of and was just as satisfying as I remember.

We spent the day getting chores done, investigating the town and hanging out in Mary’s yard. It was relaxing and productive. As the day was very hot and smoky, we didn’t hike out until 7pm, but we got a bit of road walking out of the way.

It was uneventful. At the moment we are cowboy camping and little bugs are attracted to the phone screen so I must turn it off. It is late anyway.

More tomorrow as we tackle Abercrombie Mountain.