July 25-27, 2017

Miles: 0

Camp: Boswell, BC, Canada By the shores of Lake Kootenay 

As I am a lucky lady, despite the sickness that overcame me, we were picked up early the next morning by our friend LB. His family owns a cabin just over the border in Canada and he swept us to its glory and comforts. His family welcomed us, fed us, let us bathe and do laundry, let me sleep a whole day away in a bed and so so much more. 

We traveled the area a little bit and got to see the absolute stunning beauty of British Columbia. I am in complete awe of this entire area and the kindness of this country. There was even a street sign that said, “be kind to one another.”

Between the country people, LB and his family…and their sweet little pugs, my heart is full and I finally find myself on the right side of hunger. The meals have been too good to refuse, but I haven’t been able to dive in with my usual hiker fervor. It took longer than anyone expected…but Pink and I will make up lost time in an easier section. This upcoming section looks challenging yet off the charts amazing. I cannot wait to get back out there!

Pink and LB found themselves a bit under the weather today, our expected date of departure, but a much milder form of my illness. It seems I may have carried a bug that took me down due to the stress I was putting on my body and they were lucky enough to already be resting when it hit. Here’s hoping tomorrow is productive and ends up with miles gained.

Until then here are a few shots of the lovely place I was lucky enough to see and recover in. 

Three cheers to the Gillans! (And Canada)