July 19, 2017

Miles: 7

PNT mile 140.5

Camp: cowboy camping by the shores of Lake Koocanusa

In an unfortunate twist of events, Pink had a nasty run in with his pinky toe and James’ shoe. His toe was black, blue and swollen when we woke up. The short walk across the street for breakfast caused him a lot of discomfort and pain, enough so that he questioned being capable of walking out of town.

We had a solemn breakfast over that fact, bit afterward he decided to try to walk on it. Since we had a road walk out of town he could easily hitch the 6 miles to the next town of Rexford if it was bad enough. Though the going was slow, he made the miles but felt it was all he could do for the day. So, we found the local saloon and settled in for the afternoon with platters of fried chicken and curly fries along with delicious lemonade cocktails. The Frontier Saloon is another cool small town dive with walls covered in animal heads and antlers. The locals are all very kind and lots of fun to talk to as well!

The waitress indulged the guys’ love of the TV show ‘Battle Bots,’ which eventually gained the attention of other customers. It was a fun and lively night, very reminiscent of the CDT when the guys would strive to be in town whenever the show aired. It felt warm and fuzzy but I also longed to be back on trail. Too much time in town for me this early!

Since some locals had bought us beer, we were all a little buzzed as we made our way to the lakeshore. We were told we could camp there, so we found a spot with a picnic table and played cards for a while before bed. Now it is late and I am super beat…but laying under the stars with some of my favorite people is the best. Tomorrow we get back to the business of hiking.

(Only two photos today…small town entertainment and Pink’s toe)