July 17 & 18, 2017

Miles: 9

PNT mile 133.5

Camp: Silverado Motel, Eureka, MT

We woke up at 3:30 am with hopes of seeing the northern lights, but the trees obstructed whatever view we might have had. At the time though, the need for sleep was just as important. We slept on until about 8am and proceeded to walk the 9 miles to town.

It was an uncomfortable road walk, much of it on a paved highway with cars and trucks whizzing by in a hurry. We passed a golf course and collected golf balls for no good reason but novelty at the time. No two were alike!

Finally, we arrived at the hotel where we were quickly set up with a room. We took long hot showers and turned on the television while we relaxed. Analeise stopped by on her way out of town and then we went into town to explore. First stop was the post office where I immediately threw my old shoes away in exchange for my new pair. What a change off the bat! This is going to be a game changer for sure.

We then ate taco pizza, shared a pitcher of beer and investigated the health food store. The day was hot and we were tired, so the rest of the day was spent lounging around the hotel room with leftover pizza, beer and television. Life is good.

In the morning we heard from Judd and Righton who had just come into town! They were part of my hiking team that I finished the CDT with, so the reunion was a wonderful occasion. They are hiking with a guy named James and we all decided to share a room for the night. We hadn’t really planned on a zero, but rest and reunion felt great and just what the doctor ordered. We also plan on hiking the next section together, but they will ultimately be hiking the trail much faster than we plan to, so it will be a short and hopefully sweet time.

Another hiker named Kathleen rolled in and we all went out for more pizza (this time we got cheese steak pizza…yum!). We then hung out at the hotel, did resupply and got to bed in order to hike out in the morning. I’m happy to be with all of these wonderful people on this wonderful trail. All is right in the world.