July 13, 2017

Miles: 16.8

PNT mile: 80.8

Camp: on a very mosquito-y ridge at about 6500 ft., Montana

We hiked late again today. The terrain started out beautifully; moderately graded and well shaded. My feet felt perfect and I was enjoying the feeling of being on trail again. We found nice shady brookside groves of trees and took breaks in the pine needles. It was a hot day, but the breezes were blowing and keeping us fom getting too hot.

Soon we were climbing into a 15 mile waterless stretch on a ridge. We got 4.5 liters of water each (roughly 9 lbs) and slowly made it up to the ridgeline. It felt just like the CDT, following the ridge up and down, staying above the valleys…and the water. It was slow going as we are still building our trail stamina, so by the time we reached camp it was already sunset.

The mosquitoes were the worst to date, but we had to cook dinner and feed ourselves. We did so as quickly as possible and now it is after 11pm and I need sleep. Hopefully we get an earlier camp tomorrow.

Until then.

We were in the woods most of the day, so not a lot of pictures.