I had hoped to catch up on my prehike blogging before this day, but time has not been abundant recently. Tickled Pink and I have been working hard at dialing in our resupply strategy; building and sending boxes to meet up with us later down the trail, while also soaking up quality visits with quality friends. We have stayed busy and are ready to let all of the work unfold as we take those first steps tomorrow morning (July 8, 2017)

Just yesterday we were leaving Pink’s truck in northern Washington and boarding an Amtrak. Sixteen hours later we were eating breakfast at the same cafe we both ate at on our journey through East Glacier on the CDT. I ordered lighter this time than I did back then, but I am eager for my appetite to kick into gear again…I miss pancakes (and also eating more than one breakfast).

We then found our way to the ranger station in St. Mary, the first step we had to take in order to get hiking! Permits in Glacier National Park can be tricky to obtain this time of year, so we were prepared to have to wait a day or two in order to start. Unlike the other trails, we couldn’t lock in a start date without being here first. Luckily we were able to obtain permits easily and we get to begin our adventure tomorrow! 

It feels so different this time, there are so many factors that change with each hike. I’m hiking with a partner this time, which is going to be lots of fun. Pink and I are a great team and I’m confident it will be great; I’m slightly concerned with my own ability to adjust…independence being my M.O. and all, but it helps that we are already having a blast!

The blog may be a bit different this time too. I will certainly take time to write my thoughts out each day, though electricity will be more scarce out there, even in some towns (so I have to save phone power). I may only be able to upload a blog once every 10 days or so…and I may not have time or energy to upload individual daily blogs on limited town stops. I’m still not sure though, only the trail and time will tell.

That said, no power or Internet for the first 150 miles (aka 9 days)! Next post will be from Eureka, MT…imagine all I will have to tell by then! I’m looking forward to living that trail life again, it’s been too long.

Here we go!