I arrived at Kodachrome after a long drive through lots of snow in the north and some of the worst traffic I have ever seen in Salt Lake City (over 2 hours just to pass by on the highway mid afternoon on a weekday). A freak storm south of the city added more snow to my drive, and all I was trying to do was escape winter by driving to the Southwest. Portland had its worst winter on record in 75 years and boy was I eager to escape. I was frustrated by the inclement weather, but eager for the warmth that was bound to come.

The sun shone bright the next day as I arranged permits for the camping and hiking I was planning to do. I was able to acquire free campsites on forest service roads (public lands have many benefits!) and was beyond impressed with my first one. My campsite overlooked both Kodachrome and the outskirts of Bryce Canyon on a bluff that made me feel as if I was on top of the world. It sure looked the part as well.

I grabbed my guidebook and set off from camp in search of a loop hike around the basin. Having misunderstood the directions to the trail, I found myself accidentally on a completely different set of trails. Much to my pleasure, these trails offered wonderful sightseeing and exploration opportunities. I spent hours poking around the outskirts of the park before heading back to camp.

The following day I set out for the hike I had originally intended to go on. Fortunately I made that decision early and spent the entire time in a wonderland of beautiful rocks that I had completely to myself!

Leaving Kodachrome, I set out for Willis Creek on some steep and windy dirt roads. Willis Creek is a nearby narrow slot canyon that twists along for about 3 miles one way. It was surreal and magical to travel through the rocks along the winding creek.

I had more great campsites as I explored the area and went on lots of great hikes before heading on to the next leg of my trip in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument…

(Sorry this isn’t my best writing. I’m rusty!)