Miles: 20

Camp: My CDT mile 2590

I find it hard to fathom that this will be our last night on trail. The day started out normal enough, aside from a new pain that has arisen in my glute. I honestly couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. I’ve put my body under some stress for sure and with only 15 miles remaining, I will be ready for a good rest to follow.

Despite my usual aches and pains, the day captivated me. The scenery was unreal; magical. Every moment filled my senses with beauty, the surroundings constantly attention grabbing. It was so special, our last full day on trail. Tomorrow we walk into Canada and off of the CDT. Tomorrow we must say goodbye to all of this. For this reason, I spent so much of the day trying to soak in everything. Every little thing.

Titan pointed out that we crossed the divide for the last time today and that hit me hard. This has been all I have known for a short overall time, but it will stay with me forever. I’ll always long to be back here, no matter what the aches, pains and hurdles it takes to be here, the Divide is home. I’m struggling with walking away, with accepting that it is soon to be over. I’m broke, broken and tired, but I’m also whole, happy and feeling accomplished. What even comes next? Funny how this experience can’t answer that question…I only want to do this. Nothing else is worth the pain and discomfort, because the reward out here is worth more than any paycheck. If only it paid the bills.

With that thought, I want to lay here and listen to the wind blow through camp. I probably won’t sleep due to the excitement of this night being what it is…tomorrow being the end. I’m sappy sentimental and ready to curl up with my memories and the wind.

Dinner: last ever rom bomb with bacon and cheese added.

Almost the whole gang in a blurry view of the sunset. I’m gonna miss these folks!