Miles: 15

Camp: My CDT mile 2555

It was such a wonderful feeling to wake up knowing I didn’t have to spring into action. I could take my time and enjoy the beautiful morning by the lake. I made breakfast with Sunrise and Baggins, then chatted with Judd and Titan before ambling out of camp. The air was warm and cool at just the right moments, the mountains as dazzling as ever. It was a beautiful day.

I hiked with and without purpose, taking time to stop and look at my surroundings. The day was perfectly fall, perfectly mine. I felt a longing for these days pull at me from the future; a sense that my days were numbered out here. I began thinking of how I feel like I need this and that no other life fills me like this one; I felt an urgent need to find a calling that keeps me here instead of in the city. How can I stay?

About 2 miles before camp I was passing by a waterfall that some day hikers were visiting. I decided to take a quick moment before moving on when I noticed a familiar face. It was Wilderness! She was there with a friend who lives nearby (she finished the trail last week) and I happened to cross paths with her! Bumerang and Sunrise came by as well and we hung out for about an hour. It was a wonderful and serendipitous reunion. I’m really having a hard time imagining life without these characters.

The next 2 miles were easy and I was in camp at 5:30. That hasn’t happened in so long! I set up my tent and joined Deco, Dragon and Chris (Deco’s brother) for dinner. Bumerang and Sunrise joined and Limey was off somewhere taking a nap. I thought it late in the day for a nap, but whatever makes you happy…I say do it.

The guys rolled into camp after we had all eaten. We were having a rare campfire and sat around for a while catching up on the day. I felt tired early though, so dodged the party for a nice early bedtime. Some days are just that way.

So, that is it for today. It is 8:30 and I’m going in for sleep. Tomorrow is rumored to be even more beautiful. I simply can’t imagine that.

Dinner: mac and cheese with tomatoes, green beans, squash, bacon and extra cheese.

St. Mary Lake