Miles: 23

Camp: My CDT mile 2540

It was a pleasant morning that only became better by the multitude of blueberries and huckleberries growing alongside the trail. I stopped frequently to indulge in the late season fruit, so delicious. 

Once I reached the top of the climb, the trail led around the back side of Mount Morgan. The trail there was suddenly covered in snow and before I knew it, I was traversing steep slopes and cliffs. At some point I lost the trail, but I kept a level head and hiked slowly. It was a little sketchy and I was honestly quite over it. I’m good on snow for a while and this only made that abundantly clear. At the very least, I have enough experience now to get through safely.

Once out of the snow I was hiking into a beautiful valley. Glacier is stealing my heart and enchanting me at every turn, even though the recurring pain in my knee and toe are ever present. I keep reminding myself how worth it this has been and how amazing it is to be here in Glacier for the end of this journey.

The day was long as the snowy traverse took a long time. It rained all afternoon as well, making my shoes into swimming pools which only aggravated my poor toe further. It won’t be long before I can give my body the rest it deserves.

I arrived to camp just after dark and there were lots of hikers there. We have quite the army headed to Canada…about 12 of us, and none of us want to see it end. Keeping this short to enjoy my friends. Enjoy the photos.

Dinner: knorr Spanish rice with bacon on a tortilla.