Miles: 16

Camp: My CDT mile 2507

After breakfast we had to actually say goodbye to Cerveza, Cowboy Stripper, Handstand and Cheetah. It is hard to get used to the idea that we all go our separate ways soon, I’m still struggling with it. 

Our group hit the trail after a round of cards to see who would be first to carry the champagne we bought for the border. Limey lost and would take on the extra weight on one of the worst days to carry out; fresh resupply day. At least it is a shorter day.

Hiking into Glacier was amazing. The views become more and more surreal the deeper you go. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, and so unique at the same time. The climb in was a bit long, but these are our last days so I’m trying to embrace it all; all through the throbbing reminder of my toe. It does not seem to be getting better…or worse for that matter, just as painful as ever. Woe is me I guess.

We got to camp right at dark in a light rain. Our permits will now dictate the mileage of the next 5 days and we have some relaxing on our hands. Our longest day is 23 miles tomorrow and then we have shorter miles to finish out the trail. It is supposed to be great weather and the scenery promises to keep staying awesome. These last days may end up being the best days.

Dinner: trail magic chicken soup from a nice lady with a cute dog. She came by with soup, crackers and beer as we were hanging around Two Medicine campground. People are awesome.

Looking at Two Medicine Lakes
These sheep were into eating fire ring remnants.