Miles: 21

Camp: My CDT mile 2491

I was laying in my tent watching the day grow brighter when Limey informed me that it was 6:30. We wanted to get into East Glacier as early as possible, there was so much to do there. We have our last resupply there and then it is our last 100 miles to Canada. This should be our last day above 20 miles, but I’d be willing to wager that we throw some extra miles in somewhere…but only to take them off another day. We hope to take full advantage of Glacier National Park and our last days on trail.

Today though, we wanted to get to town. It was raining lightly all day, the air cool enough that I didn’t even warm up much on the climbs. It was refreshing in a way, kind of like the Pacific Northwest. I enjoyed it for the most part, but there was a growing pain in my toe all day. The toe got a blister under the toenail (the grossest thing that has happened to me in my 5,000 + miles of hiking) and now the toe isn’t able to heal. My feet are constantly wet and walking,  so there isn’t time. I began daydreaming of a zero.

When Judd and Righton caught up to me, one of the first things they asked was how I felt about a zero. “I’m in,” I said without hesitation.

We hiked only 7 miles out of town before our first break where we quickly ate something before hiking on. It was all business to East Glacier with the promise of heat, dry shelter, showers, laundry, FOOD! I got so extra hungry today, but also felt a bit off as my toe ached within my shoe. I felt helpless against the pain because I know it needs to dry out and I have to get to town before that can happen. It was tough. But in the end, it has all been tough and here I am, making it happen. I’ve got this.

By the time we got to town I couldn’t wait to rip my shoe off my foot…but first we had to walk to the farthest end of town for our hotel, then I walked to pick up a package…it all seemed to take forever. The package was so worth it! It was a care package from my dear friend, Jess with so many wonderful treats inside. We ate most of the snacks and I felt so human as I used the lovely shampoo and body oil she sent. Soon I can feel this clean regularly again! Thank you JGlo!! I love you!

In the end, it was a wonderful day. It rained harder as we hunkered into a comfy cabin for the night. Cowboy Stripper and Handstand were in town having just finished the trail and we all went out for Mexican food. It was bittersweet but awesome to see them! They will be around tomorrow as well and a lot of other hikers are here too! It’s a reunion and an end…and poor Uber spent all day in the emergency room waiting to get an earplug unlodged from his ear and still wasn’t back by the time I retired to my bunk (I stayed in the ladies dorm to get a better night of sleep).

Before bed I had a great conversation with the two other women in the bunkhouse. One was a life coach from Florida who is visiting over 26 national parks this summer, the other a wildlife biologist who was just up hiking for a few days in the park. It was cool to meet some other travelers, new people with a different kind of adventurous spirit. It feels good to connect with them. It will feel even better to fall asleep.

Dinner: A giant burrito and peanut butter fudge

The aspens keep the day from being too dreary

The final leg begins
These guys came out of nowhere
Care package goodies!