Miles: 28

Camp: My CDT mile 2439

It was a long day again, not leaving much steam for writing. It involved lots more bear tracks (no bears), several cowboy types out riding horses and hunting elk, a pass aptly titled, “Switchback Pass,” an inspiring conversation with Righton about hiking across Europe and a pile of us cowboy camping under a blanket of perfect stars with the full moon yet to rise. Tomorrow is another big day for us, but the plan is to slow down for the final 100. I can’t believe we are that close! I’m so excited to accomplish this, to see the reward for all of my hard work; I’m tired, happy, sad and ultimately ready for my body to stop hurting. I want to sprint and drag my heels all at.once…looks like a little of both.

Dinner: creamy broccoli and tuna pasta with tomatoes.