Miles: 28

Camp: My CDT mile 2411

It rained off and on all night, keeping me awake. That is two nights in a row of poor sleep for me…so this will be a short account of the day.

It was very muddy with LOTS of animal tracks. It was slow going in the slick mud, but we kept going with our hearts and eyes set on Canada. It was cold, and rained off and on most of the day. It was somehow very pleasant though.

We climbed to the Chinese Wall today. A 6 plus mile long granite wall in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. This place is beautiful, no wonder bears live here. I did see a black bear in a valley today as I walked safely along the mountain above. 

I think I might lose a toenail…a first for me and a head scratcher this late in the game. The shoes are even a half size bigger than I’m used to…so I really have no idea why this is happening, but it could be worse. 

And so I don’t forget, this was the night we night hiked through the vegetation car wash. Basically pushing through wet plants growing over the sides of the trail as we turned our headlamps in all directions looking for camping. 

All in all, a successful day. Only 9 left. 9 days of the best life I’ve ever lived. I can’t stand knowing it will end soon. 

Dinner: rom bomb 

Looking back on the wall