Miles: 9

Camp: My CDT mile 2328

This morning was the day I got to have the much lauded cinnamon roll french toast at Lambkins. I had been told about this by one of my roommates back in Portland and also from Tickled Pink. This restaurant has been on my radar for a long time and it lived up to my expectations. Cinnamon roll french toast is the most glorious invention I’ve ever encountered. Two of my favorite foods were married in a most agreeable combination. What a treat! I’ll never forget about it.

After what seemed like ages of sitting around, chores and another round of fried chicken, we got back to the trail at 3:00. The trail greeted us with a big climb and a nice roller coaster ride on the divide. We moved slowly and agreed on making an early camp tonight. It has been ages since we set up camp before dark and it is delightful. I ate dinner before 9 pm and am so looking forward to extra rest. The terrain coming up looks like we can make bigger miles and that is great knowing we have a long distance between us and our next town meals, showers and laundry. None of us did laundry in Lincoln, so we will be quite a stinky bunch after over 250 miles in the same clothes. That is one hotel room that will need to be fumigated after our departure!

Anyhow, my knee felt better today and though I was exhausted, the trail was great. I’ll miss hiking along the divide, being on top of the world. I’m definitely starting to get sentimental…let the countdown begin.

Dinner: mac and cheese with bacon bits 

A Moxie bunch

Limey takes the lead

I could live there