Miles: 25

Camp: My CDT mile 2195

The rain kept going off and on all night long. I was happy in my tent, if not a bit cold. The temperature dropped enough for there to be a layer of ice on the outside of my tent by morning, the inside wet with condensation. It made it extra hard to face the day, but face the day I must.

Righton, Judd and Titan decided to take a longer route and do really big miles (37/day) which meant we had to part ways this morning. We will meet back up with them in Helena and as much as I want to go the way they are going, I have no desire to hike that many miles in a day. I feel really great lately and feel like I can do bigger miles, but 37 is crazy. Let them have it.

I left camp after Righton and Judd, which never happens. It felt strange knowing I won’t see them for a few days, it made me a little sad. The reality of the trail coming to an end is getting closer and the sentimentality is really starting to kick in. Our happy little family is inevitably going to part ways in a few short weeks, we have to leave our summer home and go back to our very different lives. Le sigh. 

I hiked alone until the first water source where Titan came and went as I stayed to dry my tent. Bumerang and Sunrise came along shortly after and joined me…but no Uber yet. It was still pretty cold, so I decided to hike on. As a physical update, I have been feeling a lot stronger lately. I haven’t had to take ibuprofen and I feel like I can keep moving for longer periods of time. Sometimes I go 9-10 miles only stopping because I am hungry, not because I am tired. The cold helps with that, making it easier to keep going and harder to sit for long breaks. Today I moved swiftly, even over stiff climbs, never getting hot or sweaty. It was great. In fact, I had hoped to do 30 miles, but i decided to  stay with Uber, Bumerang and Sunrise tonight. As rain and snow are forecast over the next few days though, I might have to push ahead. I really hate being cold and wet, so I’ll be hard pressed not to push further to get into a warm, dry hotel. It’s that time of year up here…and only 2 towns where we might stay in hotels left. All other resupply stops are in Glacier National Park where we will camp. It’s all happening so fast!

Anyway, I want to take advantage of an early camp, no rain and a less social night to catch up on some sleep. Goodnight.

Dinner: summer sausage and cheese on tortillas. Snickers for dessert.