Miles: 12

Camp: My CDT mile 2170

We may not have hiked a lot of miles today, but I am exhausted. Our late night of drinking soda must have messed with my sleep…though staying up late gets me too. I slept well and woke up tired, happy to wake to make coffee and banana pancakes with the Calvins.

Getting 5 hikers all resupplied, fed, showered and on the road is a lot like herding kittens. It took a long time and a heaping amount of patience for the Calvins, who we eventually said goodbye to.

Titan, Uberdude, Judd, Righton and I had a somewhat long and lazy dinner break by the only water in 20 miles…then we lost all motivation. Uber had hiked out some taco meat from lunch and we added it to our dinners. I was so full I could barely do up my hipbelt to hike. 

We made it far enough to reach our goals for this section. There will be a balance of relaxing days and long days…but with only 26 days left, there is only so much we can do. It is the home stretch…and sleep is a calling, though we are having a fun time laughing about silly words. We are a tired bunch, but a happy bunch. It is also raining pretty good…

Many more thanks to the Calvins for the wonderful magic and great company. It has been a fun time having them around,  being so thoughtful and kind. What a special treat you are, Calvins! Team ‘Still North’ loves you! 

And now we head north again…

Dinner: mac and cheese with taco meat