Miles: 21

Camp: My CDT mile 2158

Regardless of something going bump in the night I managed to have a solid night of sleep. The guys never showed up, but we were all going to be in Darby today to meet Judd’s parents. I hiked into the forest and enjoyed the fairly mild weather.

There was a lot of pretty steep elevation gain and loss, something we have a few more days of before the trail mellows out again. It was pretty uneventful and there wasn’t much water. I eventually got a message from Judd that his parents would be at the road to pick us up at 5:30. I arrived at 4:30, out of water. Some ranchers were standing around their trucks talking about cattle in numbers of 20,000 plus…so I didn’t bother to ask them for refreshment. A woman in an rv came by after about 20 minutes and as I pet her dogs, I hinted at my thirst. She promptly gave me bottled water, gatorade and a corona! What a nice lady!

Judd showed up shortly after and managed to score a Corona as well, which we sipped in the sun as we waited for his parents. The other guys hadn’t shown up by the time Scott and Whitney arrived, so we decided to drive down the trail, which was a dirt road at that point, to look for them. This resulted in a flat tire that we fortunately had the tools to fix. What an adventure! An actual flat on the CDT! 

Once we had the new tire on and the guys weren’t there, we headed to town without them. Jenny was there making us mac and cheese…which we honestly never grow sick of! She even had some shrimp and avocado to add in and I had several helpings…plus a large salad. The Calvins are so good to us!

Righton and Titan showed up not long after us, but Uberdude couldn’t get a hitch. It was late, so he will camp at the pass and come down in the morning. The rest of us have enjoyed the company of the Calvins with some beer, soda and good food…and we sleep again all lined up under the awning of their RV. Life is good.

Big horned sheep!