Miles: 28

Camp: My CDT mile 2137

I slept surprisingly sound considering the absence of my group. So soundly that my alarm dragged me from a dream about a jacuzzi. Stupid alarm. I woke slowly having enjoyed a pleasantly warm evening at camp, not wanting to accept the reality of the day. There was a lot of elevation change on the books today, the kind of day that is known to wear me out. This is why I was alone though, to take the time I needed to make it through the day. 

The hike was beautiful today. Rising high over mountain passes, by alpine lakes and streams, through dense forests and across widely flowing rivers. It was all wonderful and the climbs weren’t all that bad. I kept a good dose of caffeine in my blood stream, but lost a lot of steam by the end of the day. Just 5 miles from camp I found myself almost catching a nap at a break. I had to force myself on through the fog and on to camp…Fortunately all downhill.

There was an old cabin a quarter mile from camp where someone had left a whole bunch of food just lying around. I assume it was intended as trail magic and helped myself to some peanut butter cups. As kind a gesture as it was…the food was not contained, making me nervous for wildlife. Any critter could help themselves and if there are black bears in the area it would be a sure way to condition them to human food. Intentions were good, but execution poor. Unfortunately it was also far too much for me to carry it all out, so I hope the person returns before animals do. I hope.

It is now raining and the guys haven’t caught up. I have a feeling that I won’t see them until tomorrow. I heard something loud in the trees a moment ago, so I have a feeling tonight isn’t going to be the best night of rest. I’ll be happy if this is my last night alone (don’t worry Mom, I’m not in grizzly country, yet).

Dinner: My first ever Rom-Bomb! This is a trail classic that has taken me almost 2 trails to investigate. It is idahoan mashed potatoes stirred into ramen. It’s super calorie dense which I felt I needed tonight…but not a personal favorite. 

Magic? Ish?