Miles: 18

Camp: My CDT mile 2051

It was very nice to wake for one more morning with the Calvins. We had banana pancakes and burritos for breakfast, as well as 2 pots of coffee. I love any day that starts with a proper breakfast, though I didn’t want to say goodbye to our new friends. That is sometimes the hardest part of all.

Scott drove Uber, Righton, Judd, Titan and I back to the pass around 11. We began going up a hill that we knew would only lead down and back up again…it’s the nature of the divide on the Idaho/Montana border. The availability of water dictated our miles for the day: 4.5, 8 and 5.5. We took breaks at water while Judd, Righton and Titan lingered long after I hiked on, playing Magic. They actually hike with Magic cards and get really into it…something that I don’t relate to, but I appreciate the lead it gives me (and their nerdiness is kind of endearing). I pretty much hiked alone today and really enjoy grabbing some alone time amongst a group. 

The trail wasn’t any different than it has been either. It is a roller coaster, it is hot, it is cold and it is beautiful. Now that we are down to a month left…the time becomes more valuable. It is nice to be creating the memories that will last longer than the whole trail and I have to always remember to enjoy it while it lasts. I just don’t know what is ever going to top the CDT in my life. I can’t even imagine.

Anyway, we have to do 30 tomorrow in order to catch water…it’s gonna be a long one! Time to rest for the long haul.

Dinner: Chili Ramen with turkey jerky, coconut oil, green beans and tomatoes.