Miles: 26

Camp: My CDT mile 2018

It was painfully cold all night and extra difficult to get out of my sleeping quilt. I made the effort a little later than usual, boiling water for coffee for the first time in a while. It is easier to drink it cold, but today I knew I could use the extra motivation of hot coffee. It got me up and moving, but not on trail until 8.

I hiked fast to drum up some extra body heat, had to wait for the guys because we were taking another detour off map detour. Finding our own way has been fun and helped make this section a bit less tedious.

Soon we climbed up a mountain pass that brought us back up to the divide. I feel like I haven’t been on the divide in a while and it was like visiting an old friend. We walked along the ridges feeling on top of the world, views enormous all around us. 

It was a long day and we have another planned tomorrow to catch up with Judd and make up some time. It is supposed to be a roller coaster day, so we are in need of rest. We aren’t even playing cards tonight…straight sleep. Sounds perfect.

Dinner: mac and cheese with tomatoes from my friend Elaine’s garden, broccoli and bacon bits.