Miles: 26

Camp: My CDT mile 1992

It was super cold this morning in our little valley camp. A reminder that I prefer camping higher up since cold air settles in valleys. I had a dream that I was back in Portland and I was not ready to be off trail, so I decided to SOBO the PCT. It was the only way I knew to be happy. It isn’t going to happen though.

I was first out of camp, per usual, starting the day with a good long climb. This section is notorious for being a roller coaster with a lot of ups and downs…but our morning was easier after the climb. We traversed the mountains and found our way down in elevation before hitting more climbs followed by a valley, and on and on like that.

We saw a secret cave on the maps and went hunting for it at lunch. When we found it, it was full of animal bones, as they apparently get stuck in there and can’t get out. It was kind of sad and creepy, so Righton climbed right in. He noted that there were no skulls…so someone knows about it. Probably the folks connected to the mine nearby.

After lunch the roller coaster really kicked in. We found a couple of shortcuts which were quite steep, but cut out some of what we consider uneccesary trail. It was nice to make progress, though I was moving much slower than the guys. We did well at staying motivated and took shorter breaks. We also ran into Bumerang and Sunrise who found a super shortcut somewhere…as they were a day behind. We all rejoiced though, as it is great to see them on trail!

It was super cold most of the day and now all I want is to curl up in a cocoon. I hope everyone had a fantastic day!

Dinner: double ramen with salsa and ginger snaps for dessert.