Miles: 13 + 18 (25 official miles, but we took a shortcut)

Camp: My CDT mile 1966

We all woke up at the same time, which I really enjoyed. Judd was in charge of the alarm and then he put music on his Bluetooth speaker to wake the rest of camp. We listened to music and definitely had some laughs before setting off to Lima, MT.

The day was mostly a dirt road walk where we spread out and did our own thing. I listened to a podcast called, ‘Lore,’ where the host explores spooky folklore. I find it fascinating. 

We reached the road by 12:30 but had failed to find a cell signal to call for the shuttle. Hitchhiking with 5 people is a whole new ball game with tough statistics. We can only hope that at least a couple get a ride at a time…but it isn’t easy…as we learned by all of the cars passing is by. Somehow Righton had a signal and managed to get ahold of the shuttle and they were on their way. We had 20 minutes of road sitting and decided to play cards in a turnout. The things that are normal to us…such a different world.

Once in Lima, we all got straight to eating, resupplying, showering and drinking. I found some hard seltzer that is relatively low in alcohol and was able to nurse some of those. It is too tempting to drink too much beer, it tastes so much better on trail. I managed to savor the seltzer and enjoy the night.

In the morning, I woke up and started making breakfast in our hotel room kitchen. We had coffee, bacon, sausage, eggs and English muffins. It was so good and filling that even 4 of us didn’t eat it all. A true success.

Righton, Uber, Baggins and I ended up hiking out together around 12. Judd hadn’t stayed with us because he has to meet his parents in the next town. We are going to catch up with them the following day. Limey had to stay and wait for a package, so we changed dynamics a bit…a fun element to the group thru.

Baggins and Shadow had been in town with us and we passed Bumerang and Sunrise as they were coming in. Our numbers are growing and I’m pleased with that. Everyone out here is like a big family and I want to be with them. It feels good.

The 4 of us who took the shuttle hiked together all day. We took a shortcut that surpassed what is affectionately called a roller coaster. It took 7 miles off of our day, but advanced us that far as well, which helps us gain ground on our friends ahead of us. We still got great views and had a lot of fun finding our way. There will be plenty of roller coaster in the days to come

Now it is getting late. Gotta rest.

Dinner: mac and cheese with dried tomatoes from my friend Elaine’s garden and freeze dried green beans sprinkled with a blend of turmeric, garlic, sea salt and black pepper. Super delicious meal!!

Hoping barbed wire fences again ala New Mexico