Miles: 22

Camp: My CDT mile 1935

I can’t sing the praise of this metatarsal pad enough right now. It has been 3 days since I have taken ibuprofen for foot pain and that makes me so happy. I can enjoy the trail again!

I stayed pretty close to the guys today, even for the climbs. I guess I had more in me than I thought, though I’m sure the lack of awful foot pain contributes to that. The miles were nice again, no road walking and beautiful views. That’s when I enjoy the trail most, when I really feel like I’ve hiked somewhere.

There were no events of note today, just a typical day of hiking. We got to take a break at a picnic table where we lingered longer than we should have. I’d say that’s why we didn’t make our 25 mile goal, but it was worth it. I’m really enjoying our group dynamic and I laugh way more with them then I ever did alone. 

I’m sorry that being with a group makes me write less, but it is just how it goes. I’m much happier and still pushing myself to be challenged, but the bar is set higher by my companions. I go to bed now, happy and fulfilled by all of this…and tomorrow we are in town again. 

Until then.

Dinner: mac and cheese with tuna, bacon and cheese.

I was just reminded that I broke my trowel this morning. It got stuck on a rock and I pushed too hard…RIP Deuce of Spades.