Miles: 23.9

Camp: My CDT mile 1913

This morning I was up and out of camp before anyone was awake. I was determined to catch Limey before he left his camp at the lake 2.6 miles ahead. I bushwacked through an area that had a large hidden swamp that I had luckily been warned about from a SOBO. I knew to stay to the right and got through with dry feet…a good thing considering the layer of frost on everything. It was cold!

I caught up to Limey and we looked at the maps. We noticed an 18 mile dry stretch with no water and decided to walk to the last water source to wait for the rest of the gang. The hiking was kind of great today as we are back on trail (instead of road) and there are ridge walks with great views again. To top it off the metatarsal pad really seems to be working. I haven’t taken ibuprofen in 2 days and have had no neuroma pain at all. Wanda, you really helped me with that, thank you so very much! I felt really darn good today.

Limey and I waited over an hour before deciding to keep hiking. The guys can sometimes drag their feet, but are generally fast so we knew they would catch up eventually. We spread out a little and I got to some of that solo walking I so enjoy. I figure it is more special now that I’ve aligned myself with a group for the rest of the trail. We are waiting for Titan to catch us so we will be 6 going into more grizzly country up ahead. We are in kind of a neutral zone at the moment, but there are more wild populations to come. Then we will have a fun group to finish with and I’m really learning that this experience is more enjoyable when shared.

That said, we all reunited for the last 6 miles to camp. I really enjoyed the walking today, right on the border of Idaho and Montana. I never knew which state I was in, but it didn’t matter. We are currently camped right on the border of the two states; our chores are done, social time is over and I’m tuckered out. Goodnight!

Dinner: Thanksgiving! (Stove top, idahoans, chicken, dried cranberries and crispy bell peppers).