Miles: 24

Camp: My CDT mile 1876.1

Apologies for no blog again. I’m hiking with my friends and we have been catching up and having tons of fun. We laugh a lot, play games and have cool conversations. I’m super happy and we have agreed to finish the trail together. It may mean shorter blogs, but who knows. Right now I’m craving the social atmosphere and drinking it up.

We ended up staying at an on trail motel at The Sawtelle Resort. We ate a lot of food at a local saloon, drank beers and played cards…if I had any time to spare in a day…There it goes. It’s worth it though, these guys are the best. We all have similar senses of humor and get along great. I hope it continues.

Uberdude and Judd were hesitant to cross state lines…
If only I wasn’t protecting my teeth…