Miles: 20.4

Camp: My CDT mile 1831.1

This will be a short one as it is late. We hiked 20.4 miles after noon…a big day with that in mind.

We woke up early and ate tons of food at the buffet. It wasn’t high quality, but it was AYCE (all you can eat) and got the job done. I was particularly fond of their cinnamon rolls and drank more coffee than is a good idea…on most days. We did our resupply and ate ice cream at the store before hitching out. A really super sweet couple from Texas picked up all 4 of us with our packs and squeezed us in their sedan. The woman was small in stature, so she even packed herself in the back with us like a little sardine while her chihuahua sat on Limey’s neck in the front seat. I wanted to take a picture so bad, but the only person with free hands was driving…not so free after all.

We hiked pretty fast, the terrain mostly flat. We saw bear tracks and walked through swamps; there was a geyser basin that was about a mile of steaming ground and bubbling cauldrons of hot water. It was cool and different, while also being a pretty hot day. Some of the geysers bubbled right into the river below, which also seemed to bubble as it flowed. It’s a pretty active place…and the smells are quite powerful at times (think sulfur).

We have a designated campsite tonight in an area that is comforting in the sense that it is pretty desolate. I doubt that bears come around here much…at least, that might help me sleep tonight. I enjoy hiking through the forest at dusk yelling silly things and making funny noises with Dragon. It’s a fun way of letting it all out before camp.

That’s it tonight. We are getting up early to watch a geyser go off and then hike into Old Faithful Village for more breakfast gluttony. Then we will finish Wyoming. That’s right…last day in Wyoming already. Last state begins tomorrow! 

Dinner: ramen with bacon bits.

Shoshone Lake