Miles: 27.5

Camp: My CDT mile 1810.7

Even in the company of 2 people I barely got any sleep. I tossed and turned a lot and when I got a glimpse of sleep, I dreamt of eating oatmeal. Oatmeal?! I need to work on better dream food than that! I was finally getting some shut eye in the wee hours…but that is when it was time to get up. I heard Deco’s alarm at 5, but when no one else seemed to stir, I joined the snooze party with no regrets.

We did end up on trail by 6:30, skipping breakfast for a bit. o get the blood moving. It was really quite cold this morning…colder than some of the 4am mornings in Colorado. To top it off, the trail welcomed us with a nice deep river crossing before the sun had even crested the hills.”why life, why?” We shouted as we felt the icy cold water penetrate our bones. We laughed about it of course, but only because we had no other choice. I mean, we could always turn around and go back to Mexico…

As the sun slowly found us, the day began gradually warming. It went from having coffee in a sun puddle to squeezing into limited shade just to filter water. The air was hot and stagnant, so little shade offered by a burn area that went on for miles. The scenery was alright (no sarcasm intended), but I was underwhelmed by Yellowstone. Don’t get me wrong, it is nice, but it isn’t national park nice. Maybe I’m jaded…but I also gather that there is much more to see. The scenery didn’t inspire me to hike, but knowing that burgers and beer awaited me at the end of the day did. My neuroma is back and forth, but mostly forth. I need some time to affix that metatarsal pad, but time is something in short supply out here. There just isn’t enough of it. Days are full!

While we were getting ready to approach a hot spring, Limey appeared! Our gang is growing and I like it. We all went to the hot spring that was more of a creek, and laid among the shallow rapids. The water was nice, hot (about 104) and soothing; though not my ideal spot in the heat of the day. I hung out briefly before firing up to get to the promised land (aka a restaurant).

My foot was hot with pain for the last 6 miles. I tried to ignore it, but it demanded attention. I dug deep into my head to distract myself from the pain and kept hiking. I  have to find time to fix that pad to my shoe. The difficulty is that with so many river crossings, my shoes are rarely dry in camp…the only “time” I have to let the adhesive dry. So it goes.

We made it to the restaurant at Grant Village by 6:30, an exact 12 hours from when we woke up 27.5 miles ago. The reward was a bison burger, huckleberry creme brulee and a good IPA. Now we are camped in the extremely noisy, stinky (people do not know how to make fire) and crowded campground in Yellowstone. I vow as of right now to never pay for camping again. This is the worst camping experience for someone who lives outside. It’s like someone is throwing a lame party in my house…but I can’t ask them to leave because they paid rent too. The campground host told us that no one hikes in the park, the employees can count on having the place to themselves by going a mile from any road. 

That’s sad.

The national park is actually making me sad. I enjoy the luxury of beer and bison burgers and the promise of a breakfast buffet…but that’s the best part of Yellowstone so far. We see Old Faithful the day after tomorrow…the best part? There is a restaurant there too.

(I honestly think people are having a frat party at the campground…it’s horrible.)

Hot pool!