Miles: 25.5

Camp: My CDT mile 1783.2

I woke up feeling like a zombie, but sprung into action regardless. The miles matter today and if I want to stay with people I have to make some adjustments. Dragon and I got out of camp at 7 and ran into Deco in a couple of miles. We knew he wasn’t far, but happy that we could all stay pretty much together today.

We did a lot of solo hiking in the morning, but took our breaks together and generally stayed pretty close. We saw bear scat and a few smallish prints on trail, but nothing alarming. It was a normal day really; a few climbs, lots of river crossings, a couple of sobos and no bears. I heard a crashing in the woods at one point so I yelled after it and took out my bear spray just in case. Deco wasn’t far behind and we both walked out of there in conversation. 

We spent a good amount of time chatting in the afternoon, learning about life in Alaska/Alabama/Oregon. It’s nice to be with people again. Tomorrow we go into Yellowstone and even get to eat in a restaurant. It’s a 27 mile hike, but an easy one and we are getting up a little early to allow time. There is a 7 mile hitch into Grant Village that we hear is easy. Lots of people in Yellowstone I imagine.

We are only 1/2 a mile from the park entrance tonight, food hung with a little more skill each night, tucked away in our tents. For the first time in what feels like ages, I am ready for bed before it gets completely dark. It feels great to lie down before sunset. So so great.

Dinner: beef stroganoff  (it was some survival meal and it was not very good  and it made me really thirsty)