Miles: 25.5

Camp: My CDT mile 1727.1

Today started out pretty darn well. My sore thigh muscle wasn’t quite as sore, my feet didn’t hurt, I slept really well and woke up at the normal time. I felt efficient and good as I ate breakfast and packed up camp, throwing in a stretching routine for my sore muscles. I smiled at the morning and promised myself that I would take better care of my body. It really helps.

I did my usual scan of the campsite  (idiot check) and made sure I had picked everything up after myself and hiked out. It was overcast and raining slightly, so I moved fast to get blood flowing. As I passed my millionth herd of cattle, the sun began to shine through the clouds. I reached for my sunglasses and suddenly realized they weren’t there. Come to think of it neither was my ball cap. I was wearing my warm hat, so I guess I didn’t notice…but how could they both be gone?

I did a mental inventory of camp and know for a fact they weren’t there when I left. They should have been just outside my tent door, unable to miss even in a bleary morning state. No, they weren’t there. I remembered stories of people having things chewed up or taken from camp before, always things that would be salty from sweat. Animals dig on eating our sweat…and my sunglasses had croakies on them which I know see a lot of sweat, as does my hat. Were they really gone? I couldn’t get my head around it. I took off my pack and checked to see if I was missing something. Limey walked by and I told him my predicament. Being 2.2 miles from camp would make amost 4.5 miles of going back…for a hat and $20 sunglasses. Limey said he would go back, but only because his sunglasses are prescription. I very sadly decided that it wasn’t worth it to go back. It hurt my sensibility on so many levels…I had just bought those sunglasses in Steamboat, the hat was a gift from a friend back home and the leave no trace implications ate at me all day long. But there was always a chance I wouldn’t find them. They were certainly dragged off somewhere and I had no idea of knowing where. 

Boy did that turn my mood down. Just as I was starting to break through the cobwebs of yesterday, the divide smacked me down. I was warned that the CDT is always testing you. Always. 

I took my heavy heart north always trying to lift my spirits. I listened to comedy which did distract me for a while, and when it was lunch time I figured a tuna wrap would make me smile. I eat it every day and still look forward to it. As I finished a long climb, I started to look for a lunch spot and it started raining. I walked an additional mile until it stopped and was super lightheaded from low blood sugar. I had been in an old burn area with no cover for lunch in the rain and was sad because I was really trying not to push myself today. 

It rained on me moments after setting up, but subsided again after a few minutes. After that, the day didn’t improve. I had to bushwack through some ridiculously dense willow and sage  bushes for at least 2 miles looking for a non existent trail and hoping not to stumble upon a bear. Good old Ley promised a road where none was to be found. I tried to take a snack/rest break and in only that moment did it decide to rain again, a shortcut turned into a swamp of foot sucking mud and hanging my bear bag might have well been a comedy show of its own (that lasted way too long with way too many failed rope tosses)…except I certainly wasn’t laughing. 

Today was straight up frustration. I made it through it all, but it was the kind of day that would basically be my own personal hell if played on repeat, the kind of day when the thought of quitting creeps in. I couldn’t be happier to be in my tent ready to wake up to a new day. Tomorrow I go to Lava Mountain Lodge for a quick refresher and I’m beyond tempted to get a room and hide in it for the day. We will see how tomorrow goes. I sure hope it’s better.

Dinner: pasta in marinara sauce with chicken.

Mountain lion I presume