Miles: 23.6

Camp: My CDT mile 1701.6

After having a really difficult time waking up today, I felt kind of sick as well. Not really sick, but not well. I couldn’t tell what was up and motivation was in seriously short supply. I also had a really sore left thigh muscle that really hampered my speed. It wasn’t a great morning.

I hiked out of the Winds today and as the terrain changed I became even less motivated. No gorgeous granite walls to get lost looking up at; crystal clear, deep blue lakes to get lost looking down in. There were only rolling hills of yellow grass and sage as far as the eye could see.

There was a pretty decent climb up Gunsight Pass, but otherwise fairly easy terrain. With my leg cramp and return of the neuroma today, I moved pretty slowly. I was hoping to do more miles today, but this was as far as my body was willing to carry me today. So tired.

Dinner: tuna wrap with cheese and a snickers.

Green River Lakes in the morning

It’s a face!

Goodbye Winds!