Miles: 25.4

Camp: My CDT mile 1678

The wind started picking up soon after midnight and spent the rest of the night howling around me. I was in a nice little nook above a lake, so the wind wasn’t affecting my life too much. It was simply noisy. It stayed that way for most of the day as well. 

The approach to Knapsack Col was beautiful. It followed a series of lakes to the back of a valley that was surrounded by monolithic peaks. Gannett Peak, Wyoming’s highest loomed in the back of it all, overlooking the whole valley. The climb to Knapsack Col was just west of Gannett,a climb up a large field of loose rocks and boulders, as well as lingering snow fields and rapidly melting glaciers. It used to be a caution to climb up here that the boulders may be resting on the melting ice, but the glaciers had retreated from the area I climbed today. 

It started out kind of hard and I was feeling a bit sluggish, but somewhere along the way my energy and mood picked right up. I had a lot of fun going on boulders and climbing around them. Sometimes I was really thankful for my rock climbing history, as there were some technical moves made a lot harder by my pack. It was all a whole lot of fun though! 

I made it to the top where I met some guys from Kansas. We chatted for a while before we headed down the Col in separate directions. What is a Col anyway? Seemed a lot like a regular pass to me. Beautiful views all around no matter what you call it. 

The climb down wasn’t too difficult, but I really had to stay focused. Some of the boulders were lose and made for a couple of almost spills. At one point a rock slid from under me and I caught myself nearly tearing my shoulder out of place. A little frightening, but a reminder to take those kinds of descents with a little extra caution. 

The rest of the day was spent descending to the Green River. I moved swiftly to try and make my mileage goal today, which was exhausting. After climbing Knapsack Col and then completing a 25 mile day, I am pretty spent. It’s time to lay back, relax and let sleep find me. 

Dinner: chili mac