Miles: 25

Camp: My CDT mile 1636

I have not been sleeping great the past few nights, slightly nervous as I approach grizzly country. When I come back to the trail after this next town stop, it’s on. I have bear spray and all of the proper food hanging equipment waiting at the post office for me and hopefully a dose or two of extra courage. I try not to listen to every sound as I’m trying to fall asleep, but I hear them all and it keeps me up. I’m trying to relax about it, bear attacks aren’t common, it’s just quite out of my comfort zone. As it should be, I suppose. Caution won’t hurt.

That said, I had trouble falling asleep, but once I was there I slept solid. I woke up naturally at 6, which has become the new norm for me. It seems to be a good time with my new schedule. I’m trying to do 25 mile days as the status quo and it takes about 12-13 hours with breaks…unless it is a flat day, then I can do more. 25 seems to be the wall for me anyway, just the right amount of tired without pushing myself too hard. If I can keep it up I’ll be in great shape for finishing by October. It’s happening fast.

Anyway, today was not that eventful. It was picturesque and serene. I wanted to find time for swimming today, but the clouds kept a pretty good cover on the sun today and it simply wasn’t hot enough. I need a good hot day to get into water that cold. The upside to that is that it was exceptional hiking weather. I felt great all day, again not needing to take any pain relief for my feet. I will only hike about 5 miles in the morning and then stay in town tomorrow night. It will be good to rest and bathe and eat everything possible. I purposefully didn’t push to get in tonight (I could have), but this saves me money and I still get almost a whole day off. I’m looking forward to this one! For now, trying not to think about bears. Goodnight!

Can’t wait to get rid of these ratty socks.

This guy was the biggest I’ve seen!