Miles: 25.5

Camp: My CDT mile 1588.2

It was kind of strange sleeping in my tent again, but I’m fond of it and was happy for the extra warmth. It was quite chilly this morning, very different from waking up in the desert. I forgot how cold it gets, it was refreshing. I’ve recently started eating my breakfast cold as it saves time and fuel in the morning. Cold coffee is not a favorite, but it does the job. I’ll probably go back to hot coffee as I get farther north, but I’m really trying to conserve fuel this leg as I kind of rolled the dice back in Rawlins by not buying a new one. I’m not a fan of the fuel cans from Walmart, so I avoid buying them if I can. Otherwise, they do the trick if necessary. 

My morning went pretty smooth as I hiked deeper into the mountains and farther from the basin. It felt good to climb again, to sweat due to exertion as opposed to oppressive desert heat. I love breathing heavy in the forest, my lungs absorbing all of the extra clean air. This is what I love. 

I climbed higher and higher until I was entering the Wind River Range in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. It has been the most magical experience. I opted to take an alternate that is a high route that goes by the Cirque of the Towers. It looks really cool on the maps as opposed to the flat looking terrain that skirts the whole deal. This is the stuff I’m out here to see, this is why I’m here. 

Instead of explaining it, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. I am totally wiped out having done some serious climbing today. Tomorrow takes me deeper in and I am super excited, but I’ll need the rest! It is so odd to me that I was cowboy camping in the basin just 2 nights ago and now I’m here. I walked here to this magical place and I’m so glad I did. 

P.S. I’m already more than halfway through Wyoming now. Crazy!