Miles: 27.8

Camp: My CDT mile 1517.7

Despite cowgirl camping last night, I woke up covered in condensation. Everything that was out overnight ranged from damp to wet and it made the initial rising quite chilly. The sun was not going to reach me for a while and with the lack of clouds in the sky, it was only going to get hotter. I hurried through my morning routine and was on the trail before the sun had completely risen over the hills.

It was nice and cool all morning as I walked through some nice rolling hills with the first trees I’ve seen in days. I lamented not needing a break, if only to lounge in the shade of a tree for a moment. Though I knew I could never only be there for a moment and I really need to get through this section in a timely manner. No, the days of relaxing just to relax are pretty much over. I have to mean business if I mean to finish this trail. If I can keep my daily mileage over 25, then I will do okay. Otherwise it will be a race against old man winter, and he comes early in that area of the country.

My feet ranged from perfect to throbbing all day. I tried to keep focused and not hike too hard or too fast. I did pretty well with that today, slowing my mileage down overall. I need to keep that up, especially if I want to do big miles and not suffer through intolerable foot pain in the process. I suppose it is tolerable if I’m dealing with it, but I tell ya, it is one fine line.

I saw more of the same wildlife today; cows, horses and antelope…but mostly cows. This sure is cattle country and the water tastes the part. I double treated my water and added drink mix and can still taste the essence of cow…and not in a good steak way either. It makes it harder to stay hydrated, but I plug my nose and power through it. This will be the true test of my water filter, that’s for sure.

The air is chilly, but I’m choosing to cowgirl camp again. If the condensation is that bad again, my tent won’t stop it. All it would do would be to add more wet gear to the list in the morning. I’ll deal with whatever comes my way. I can see the Wind River Range beginning up ahead….back to the mountains soon! That and grizzly country begins as well. I’ve just about made it to grizzly country. I’ll try not to think about it too much as I lay here surrounded by coyotes. They are pretty close tonight, but they don’t worry me. They sure sound spooky though.

Dinner: Mountain House breakfast skillet with added cheese and bacon, wrapped in a jalapeño tortilla. 

Water in the desert = ❤

Best picture I could get of an antelope.