Miles: 11

Camp: My CDT mile 1431.3

During the night I awoke to pee and ended up staring at the stars for a while. The milky way was creamy against the sky, even with a bright quarter moon competing for light. I sure love cowboy camping! I look forward to taking advantage of it for the rest of the basin, as long as weather holds out.

The 11 miles into town were painful. The neuroma is flaring up with more frequency/intensity now, and I’m ready to admit it is the shoes. These shoes are great and have served me well in the mountains…but the moment I started pounding hot desert pavement, all deals were off. I need bigger shoes/wider toe box, which used to be what set Altra apart from other popular hiking shoes. They have been narrowing the toe box for the last couple of models and it is finally to the point where I need to go up another size and/or switch shoes entirely. I think it is time to call in the Chacos! I have a pair ready to go at my Mom’s house in NH, just for this occasion. When my feet were unbearable on the PCT, I switched to Chacos and everything improved enough for me to keep hiking. I didn’t want sandals in the snow and had really thought Altra was going to do the trick for the rest of the trail. Oh well, whatever it takes.

When I got to town I immediately went to the Thai buffet. There I ordered a Thai iced tea and began digging in. I  certainly get the most out of a buffet when I am fresh off the trail, so I went for it. Dragon and GregInWild showed up too, so we all had our hiker hunger satiated by delicious Thai food. What a treat in Rawlins, Wyoming!

Dragon and Deco had a room already and offered to let me stay. I took them up on it and picked Deco’s brain a bit about my foot (he is a doctor). He agreed that it sure sounds like a neuroma and gave me some helpful advice, part of which was taking a little rest and taking ibuprofen regularly to break the cycle of inflammation. I decided to take a zero and have my shoes delivered here as opposed to the next town. It would be ideal in my current state and force me off the foot instead of pushing myself through big miles in the face of pain.

My mom is a super hero for mailing those to me ovwrnight…not cheap but a potential hike saver. I’m trepidatious and frustrated by all of it, the rest of me physically and mentally prepared to hike. I want to keep going! I’m fed up with resting and it’s going to start snowing in Canada. That’s what they say anyway.

I’m doing my best to remain calm and know that life happens, to keep the faith that everything will work out. I’m really going to try to be patient and accept it, a challenge I need to work on amyway. Patience hasn’t always been my strongest quality, so I’ll take the opportunity to improve that skill. What else can I do?

Dinner: Burger King. I haven’t had a whopper in over 10 years and it was…okay. wasn’t it supposed to come with cheese though? Do you really have to ask for cheese when eating a whopper? I’m so lost in fast food restaurants! I never know how to order things right. I think it’s funny because it must look so strange to the people who do it regularly. Anyway, whopper.

View from my cowboy camp
I dig Wyoming…it’s kinda lawless.