Miles: 25.3

Camp: My CDT mile 1391.3

Today started out.quite relaxed as Pink and I enjoyed coffee in camp. We said goodbye at 9 am and I began making miles as expected. My Morton’s Neuroma was acting up again and actually became tremendously painful. I’ve had it ache and hurt before, but this is a whole new level of pain. Ah, thru hiking…if it isn’t one thing, it is another.

The day was pretty nondescript, going through trees without many views. After lunch there were so many blowdowns in the forest I started losing time quickly. I was getting super frustrated because I couldn’t go faster and I was constantly losing the trail as I went around miles of piles of dead trees. I got so turned around at one point that I started hiking south again! 

Between that and the extreme pain in my foot, I was a little miserable today. The foot hurt so badly at times that I would cry out in pain…but I had to keep walking. I took some ibuprofen which helped for a little while, but not for long. How do you relieve Morton’s Neuroma? It is probably the most painful ailment I’ve had on trail to date. I couldn’t possibly deal with it every day if it keeps up.

Anyway, I didn’t get to camp until 8:30. I’m back in the desert, camped in the sagebrush. I’m beyond tired and completely over today. Tomorrow is all road walks and if it doesn’t hurt too much, I’m going for my first 30 mile day! That will get me into Rawlins pretty fast and then I can hopefully catch up to my schedule (I’m only a day and a half behind).

I wish I could write more but I’m just beat. Goodnight.

Dinner: mac and cheese with broccoli and turkey bacon bits.

I thought this guy was pretty cool
Not much out there!