Miles: 25.4

Camp: My CDT mile 1358

This was the first morning since I got back on trail that I had my usual get up and go kind of morning. I was excited by the prospect of finishing another state and of course, starting a new one. The trail has been so much easier as well, making it pretty easy to add up miles.

I knew I had to stop just 3.6 miles in for water, but was determined to take lunch at the border. As the trail was mostly jeep roads, I put on some music and moved steadily. I’ve recently been upset that Neil Young is no longer available on Spotify. He is a go to choice for me, always making me feel good as I hike along to his songs. Apparently he is not pleased with the sound quality of the streaming they offer, so he doesn’t want his music played there. I love the man, but c’mon Neil! I want to listen to your music and wish I had your ear for quality, but let’s be realistic. Anyhow, I had downloaded some Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young determined to hear him somehow. I had forgotten about their version of Helpless, so when it came on I was filled with happiness. I listened to it 3 times and never had to pay attention to the old jeep road. What a luxury to get lost in music without getting lost on trail.

The jeep road turned to real trail just before the border where I stopped for lunch. I had hoped to see GregInWild for pictures, but he was still behind by the time I was done eating…so I used a stump and hiked into Wyoming…which was more dirt roads for a while, eventually going into the Huston Park Wilderness area. It is a pretty cool place with sweeping views back into Colorado. It amazes me to no end how far I’ve come…and how far I’ve yet to go.

I’m currently camped in Huston Park in a wide open sandy/rocky area with cool trees. I hiked late so didn’t take pictures before it got dark. Hopefully i will remember in the morning. The whole area looks like it was once underwater and there is quartz and mica everywhere. The mosquitoes weren’t even too bad here. Last night I had to wear earplugs because there were so many buzzing around, but tonight I don’t hear even one making noise. It is perfectly quiet and I think I’ll sleep great. Goodnight.

Dinner: linguine with a mushroom sauce, bacon bits, cheese and coconut oil. Tomorrow I eat town food again! I’m sooo hungry!